Seminole Canyon State Park Thanksgiving Road Trip

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Car camping at Seminole Canyon State Park anyone?

Well, what can I say…but…my lil’ road dog convinced the family to do so for Thanksgiving. Now that’s definitely a first for us all. Camping for Thanksgiving! We were all thankful for the 2 night experience, but once in this particular location was enough. Don’t get me wrong! We all actually like car camping, especially now that we fully understand how to do it comfortably, and the park, campsite, and shower facilities were nice. But, the prickly, rocky, isolated, desert like environment just wasn’t for us.

Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site is located on US Route 90, east of the Pecos River High Bridge, 9 miles west of Comstock in Val Verde County in Texas.

Early canyon dwellers left clues to their lives on the stone walls of Seminole Canyon. Their pictographs tell stories that we try to understand today. You are able to hike and bike to the Rio Grande or along the Seminole Canyon rim. The park has almost 10 miles of trails, but, you may only hike in the canyon area with a guide. The rest of the trails you can access on your own.

The park rangers frequently offer guided hiking tours to the various rock art sites. Hike or tour fees are in addition to the park entrance fee. The tour fee is $5 per person, five years and older. We took the Fate Bell Shelter Tour, which was a fairly rugged hike, to the Fate Bell Shelter. This area is protected by a huge cliff overhang and holds some of Texas’ most spectacular rock art. The scenery along the hike was spectacular, and the pictographs were phenomenal. This tour is positively a “Must”!

The stars at night…

Are big and bright…

Deep in the heart of Texas!!!

I must agree, they definitely are!  Especially, out in what feels like the middle of nowhere, away from any bright city lights. The dark night skies were full of the most amazingly beautiful, clear, twinkling, stars. The views took you to infinity and beyond.

So…If you want to leave cell phones, television and the internet behind…

Enjoy open skies, hiking trails, nature and history…

Then this is the place for you!

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