Park City, Utah Detour

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Let it Snow!  Let it Snow!  Let it Snow!

Well, it did not!

At least not until the morning we left. This made the drive to the airport from Park City back to Salt Lake City beautiful, but dangerously slow.


Me and my road crew decided to do a quick getaway to Park City, Utah. We were all looking forward to a Winter Wonderland. Instead, we got a cool, partly cloudy one. No snow gear required. And yes, we brought and took a lot of wintery snow gear. Long johns, scarfs, hats, gloves, snow pants, all packed into our checked family luggage suitcase, never to see the light of day.

Our trip to Park City was almost a complete bust. In order to change this scenario, we required a re-adjustment to our planned activities. We were planing on going snow tubing, skiing, and snowmobiling. This was made impossible due to the fact there was no snow, not even any manmade stuff. At least this wasn’t our first time to the area, but it was our first time visiting without snow. So, we have been able to experience these activities in the past.

During our 4 day/3night getaway, 2 days were travel days, leaving the other 2 for fun. On our first full day we ended up driving around town and shopping at the outlets. We decided to spend our second full day hiking in Arches National Park, in Moab, Utah. It was about a 4 hour drive. The non-snowy weather made the drive through the mountains easy.

Arches National Park is beautiful! If you like hiking in beautiful rocky scenery, this park is definitely for you. We all loved it! The private car entry fee is $25. Cash and credit cards are accepted at the entry gate. Once you enter, you can park at the Visitor’s Welcome Center and pick up trail maps, fill water bottles, and use rest rooms. Otherwise, you can continue on and start driving along the 18 mile stretch of road through the park. There are several pull-offs for picture taking and parking lots for different hiking areas.

Since we were short on time, we chose to do one of the easier and shorter hikes. It was called, “The Windows”. This hike allowed us to view several of the arches the park is known for in one area. The views were phenomenal. My lil’ road dog had the best time climbing several of the rock formations. It was a bit windy, but it felt so freeing.

Visiting Arches more than made up for the no snow situation. If you are ever in the area, love the outdoors, and have a little bit of time, I highly suggest you check it out. Even if all you do is drive through the park, it will be well worth the effort, time and money.

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