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I am Robin, better known as Woodstock to my favorite 11-year old son (and only child) who anointed me with this name.  Wanna take a wild guess as to his nickname?  “Snoopy!”  He’s my lil’ road dog, and I believe he loves to travel more than his dad and I do.  For those who know us, that’s saying a lot.  Snoopy has been traveling in and out of the country since he was born.  If he had it his way, our main modes of transportation would be planes, trains, and automobiles, in that particular order.  We currently reside in Houston, Texas.  The land of heat, humidity, pick-up trucks, cowboys, and cattle.  This is where my lil’ one was born and the place as an adult I have lived the longest.

The main focus of my blog is to share my travels on and off-the-beaten path because I feel so blessed to live such an unconventional life.  I want to continue to expose my son to all the wonders of the world for as long as I can until the day he decides to continue the journey himself.   I am hoping to offer a unique insight on balancing a home life with extreme wanderlust for those who have or want to have a family, home and adventurous life.  I have tried exceedingly hard not to ever let fear stop me from doing something new, a little dangerous and/or possibly crazy at times.  I constantly strive to instill this character trait in my son too.  If I am able to accomplish these things, my life will truly be LunaSea.

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